Carbon fibre is recognised as a key enabler for a resource-conscious, sustainable economy. Its light-weighting and high-performance capabilities are at the centre of the most innovative transport, industrial and renewable energy applications.

Now we are at a crossroads – new process technologies enabled by digital transformation, and advanced engineering can cut down life cycle cost and reduce our reliance on energy-intensive platforms.

The next decade will disrupt and transform industries beyond recognition, and carbon fibre and composite materials will be at its leading edge.



The light-weighting capabilities presented by carbon fibre enable vehicles to travel further and faster with less energy. Energy-efficient and resourceful manufacturing and engineering solutions will deliver against the most demanding cost and sustainability needs in the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors.



We deliver a sustainable, cradle-to-cradle solution for the recovery of carbon fibre and its conversion into previously inaccessible carbon fibre, engineered applications – from discrete components to entire assemblies.

By harnessing V-Carbon’s unique solutions, carbon fibre production scrap can not only be recycled in a clean way, but turned into a new, high-performance, engineered material class which can be used in a wide range of applications.

This addresses the entire value chain, from input material, through recycling, intermediate advanced material systems to manufactured components – completing the industrialisation of carbon fibre, finally delivering on a true, closed-loop, circular economy.