Recycled Carbon Fibre in Sport, Funded Booster Program, Switzerland

V Carbon has been successful in winning a bid to implement a thermoset resin winding process with its recycled carbon fibre yarn for sporting applications. The Swiss funded program is focused on sporting applications and aims to provide a reduced CO2 footprint for the final products by up to 95% when compared to virgin carbon fibre. Tubular wound applications using V Carbon’s rCF yarns will be optimised for a variety of sporting applications which will include bicycle frames, ski poles or hockey sticks.

Winding of high grade recycled carbon fibre yarn when combined with a tailored resin system will showcase the advantages of the winding process with the superior mechanical properties of carbon fibre. In a cost efficient, fast, automated and reproducible process, lightweight products can be manufactured with similar mechanical properties of products made from carbon fibre. This Innovation Booster project being implemented by V-Carbon will create a new starting point and a benchmark for the widespread application of recycled carbon fibre yarn in sporting goods applications and will highlight the opportunities that V Carbon’s approach and technology have for other consumer applications, further to the work and programs that are already taking place in the other market market segments.

An update on the trials and the progress of the project will be provided.


Picture: Sample plate made from V Carbon recycled carbon fibre yarn for evaluation of mechanical properties.